3 Recipes With Almonds And Oatmeal

   Hello guys! I'm back with three simple recipes with almonds and oatmeal. I didn't try them all yet, but from the way they are looking, these recipes are delicious.
   I start by saying that these recipes aren't mine. I found them on Pinterest during a 'pinning session'. You can find these on my Pinterest, on Recipes Board. At the end I'm gonna let you know who's recipes are, but for now let's start with an wonderful dessert.

1.Chocolate Dipped Pears with Almond Crunch
This recipe is simple to make and has an extraordinary taste. I love the look of these pears dipped in chocolate. Here's the recipe:


  • 6 red Bartlett pears, medium size
  • 8 oz. dark chocolate, melted
  • 4-5 oz. salted almonds, chopped


  In one bowl have the melted chocolated and in other the almonds chopped. Dip the pear in chocolate then in almonds. Place them on a cooling rack to set.

I found this on a gorgeous blog about baking and more. Here's the link:

2.Banana Oatmeal Waffles! 

 2 cups oatmeal - 1 ripe banana - 2 cups water (or almond milk) - 1 tsp vanilla - sprinkle to a tsp baking powder -packet stevia ** heat up your waffle maker! ** Blend oats, banana, and water (or Almond milk) in a food processor, gradually adding the vanilla baking soda ** once mixture is blended, leave it for five minutes to set. ** pour into your waffle maker, they take about 5-8 minutes to cook!

     This wonderful recipe I've tried with my mom and it's tasty.
                                                 I found this on a Pinterest. Here's the link:

3.Overnight, refrigerator oatmeal.

Step 1:  Assemble these ingredients & supplies:
  • old fashioned rolled oats (not instant, quick, or steel-cut)
  • Greek yogurt (regular yogurt is thinner; if you use it, you'll need to reduce the amount of milk); 
  • milk (I used skim, but any kind will work)
  • chia seeds; I bought mine at Whole Foods; also available on Amazon
  • half pint (1 cup) mason jars, find them at Walmart and grocery stores; also available on Amazon
Step 2:  Add oats, milk, yogurt, and chia seeds to jar, along with desired sweeteners or flavors (see options below).

Step 3: Put a lid on the jar and shake to combine. I use white plastic jar lids sized to fit canning jars--they last longer than the metal tops and rims that come with the jars, and they are easier to screw on and off; some Walmarts carry them, and they're available on Amazon.

Step 4:  Add fruit and stir gently until combined.

Step 5:  Place in fridge overnight and up to 2 days; maybe longer depending on the type and ripeness of the fruit. The non-banana varieties have been good after 4 days for me.
Here's the link to a super blog:

And that's it! Three healthy recipes with almonds and oatmeal. Hope you like it and you're about to try them. To be honest, I'm going to. Happy Sunday everyone! Have a lovely day and stay tune! 

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