10 Quick Tips About Fashion

     Hello fashion lovers! I'm here with a new post after a long time about fashion. I can say that I'm totally in love with fashion, but I can't say that I respect every trend or rule. Even so, I learnt some lessons about fashion and I want to share my 10 quick tips with you.
No matter if it's sunny, rainny or windy. You need to look good, in order to feel good. So let's start!

1. My number one tip: when you don't know what to wear, open your eyes, keep them wide open. Some things never change, they keep to be fashionable. Search in your wardrobe for a black dress (little black dress is a must have, all the time), or for a pair of black jeans, because they work with  everything. Black is always In. It's never gets too old. 
2. Number two: Pay attention to the texture of the material! Some materials just don't work together. 
3. Number three: When you have the upper part of your body exposed, don't expose too much of your legs and vice-versa. You'll look vulgar and vulgarity isn't In.
4. Number four: If you want to look good in short jeans or bikinis, take care of your legs skin. Drink lot of water, hidratate your skin, do exercises, love your body and be confident. 
5. Number five: Make an inspirational board where you can search when you don't have ideas for what to wear. You can put images and messages, pieces of materials, sketches and even colours. 
6. Number six: Shoes can make the difference. Pay attention to what you put on your legs. Shoes can put you down or lift you up. It's your choice! 
7. Number seven: You don't need a lot of money in order to look gorgeous. Make some time and search in your wardrobe, maybe it's something there that can make you shine. Vintage clothes are always In.
8. Number eight: Keep it simple! Don't make an outfit with too many things when it should be simple. Choose a few colours and work with them, make the outfit to look like a single piece, to look in armony.
9. Number nine: Look in a mirror at yourself and think about your body shape. You look like a peer? Have you a thin waist? Then put something that would work with your body shape. A belt would be a good accesory if you want to grab attention on your waist. 
10. Number ten: Last but not least! Always search the internet. Read the advises from the fashion designers, absorb what fits you. Read the rules. Learn the rules. Follow the rules. Breake the rules. You don't need to be just another in the crowd. Your unique my dear and that's something that noone can steal from you. No matter if your skin or a little too fat, your beautiful! Learn to love your body and take care of it! Our body is our instrument in this world so use it with head. Show how you are, how you feel and what's your style! I'm so curious, we all are, to see what lies inside of us. So show everybody, show yourself that you are gorgeous! Because you are beautiful my dear! We all are!
     See you soon! Take care of you and love your body! Until next time don't forget to subscribe and follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Love you!

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