Nice To Meet You!

  It's my first post here... My heart is beating fast and I try to breath and write, but something is stoping me. I can't breath and maybe it is because of the big wave of emotions that are putting me down. The floor is cold like ice... but my hand is still trying to reach the keyboard. I'm still trying to introduce myself to a world of strangers. I really hope to become friends soon...
    I'm Alexandra, a girl, with big dreams and wishes, from Romania. I live to write and write to live. I can't imagine my life without writing. I also like to draw. I'm a fashion lover and I like to drink coffee and also tea. Mint flavoured tea is my favourite.
I want to travel and one day I want to see London, New York, Paris and Las Vegas. I'm a daydreamer and most of my time I make plans and imagine things. I'm a fan of reading and I consider books my friends. I like puzzles and misteries, roses and rain, birds and all kind of animals. I'm a curious person, sensible, ambitious, a beautiful one like we all are... My favourite colour is pink and I also like black because of it elegance. I like perfumes and the smell of oranges, roses, rain and vanilla. I eat lemon like I eat apples. I'm a talkative person and my mother always say that you can turn off the radio, but you can't turn off me. I think that weird is good. I keep my head in the clouds and my feet on the ground. We live in a free world, where we can say everything and still be punish for it. I regret the old times, even that I'm so young. I like the classic telephone, the typewriter and polaroids. I have a great life here, near the mountains. I see fox, deer and different species of birds all the time. I'm a pinteraholic, I use it everyday. I'm a directioner and I love these guys with all my heart. They've changed my life and you can say what you want, but they made me a better person. I love them for what and who they are. I will always support them. Maybe I didn't know them from the beginning, but I know them since March 2012 and I'm still here like I will always be. 
I would like to have a big garden with lots of flowers and animals. I dream very often about flying. I fly in my dreams like a butterfly... I am a big owl lover. I adore the little things, sea and my family. When I talk about my family, I include my animals because they are a part of me and my family. I totally agree with this quote:
"The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated"
                            - Mahatma Gandhi.
I hope we will be friends and if you have any questions you find me here, let me know with a comment, or you can search at Contact where you can find me on web. Thank you for your attention!

See you soon!

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