5 Easter Tips For a Perfect Day

I'm here with a post about Easter to help you have an amazing Easter this year. All you have to do is to sit down and read these 5 Simple Tips. So let's begin!

 As tip number one I was thinking about dyeing eggs: You can decide about decorating hard boiled eggs or empty eggs. After you've boiled your eggs let them cool. Fill a bowl with vinegar, food coloring and water, then place an egg in a spoon and dunk. Keep the egg in the liquid for about 5 minutes. Then let the egg to dry on a paper towel. After that you can decorate it with stickers or with paint. My mother always put some oil on a paper towel and then rotate the egg inside the paper towel for a bit of shine.

 As tip number two: who doesn't love bunnies and chickens?? I saw some wonderful decorations at the store. The bunnies are my favourite! But you don't need to pay for a little decoration. You can make it yourself!

Let's start! You can make a bunny  from paper toilet roll. Just cut the paper towel roll and you will have some round pieces to play with. Then look at this awesome bunny found on Pinterest:
http://www.pinterest.com/pin/173177548143772437/ It's nice isn't it?

 As tip number three: you were thinking about a dessert, but didn't know what to choose? Here is it another awesome recipe found on Pinterest!

Who said carrots aren't good for dessert? 

 As tip number four: You want to have perfect nails, something simple, funny and with lots of bunnies? I have the answer: this super cool and simple to do tutorial from Pinterest!

 As tip number five: The last tip is about having fun! Dress nice, taste from everything and be with your family! Happy Easter!!

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