12 Random Facts About Me

Hello guys! How are you today? Hope you're doing fine. I just found a new idea of post, one about 12 Random Facts About Me in my brain attic. I really don't know what to tell you, but I hope that I'll do it right. So let's start!!

  • I write to live and  live to write: my whole life is about writing. I can't imagine my life without writing. I don't want to do anything, but writing. From my blog to my sketches, from my school work to everything. Every breath I take it makes my imagination fly away on magical worlds. I really want someday to live from writing. It's one of my dreams.
  • My favourite colour is pink: I have a passion for things that are pink. I don't know why, but I like it. I found this colour very feminine. From baby pink to the deep pink, it just don't matter, I like it. 
  • I'm a fan of the classic things: like the typewriters or the classic phone... I'm in love with polaroids too. I found these items attractive because they are a part of the history somehow. I don't know. All that I know is that I'm in love with these things.
  • I like to draw, but not the way that most people do. I don't draw things from my imagination, but I can draw perfectly things that I have in front of me. Yeah, I'm like pretty good at copying!
  • I read a lot! I've just finished Maitreyi and I'm already reading a new book. They are my friends, my quite friends. They are keeping me alive, somehow. I like to imagine things and to get out of this cruel world to a better one. I like to read police books with detectives and murders. I'm a fan of these, just like my mother.
  • I don't know to swim! Shame on me!! Even that I lived like eight years near the sea, in Constanta, I don't know to swim!! One day I want to learn...
  • I'm in love with italian food. In my childhood and even now, when my mother says that we have pasta for dinner it's like saying we go on a vacation far away. And oh my god, you really don't want to know how delicious is my mother food. She is  a great cooker. The best I've ever known. This is what is happening for pizza too.
  • I'm a big fan of Sherlock Holmes. I've watched the BBC and CBS Sherlock Holmes. Someday, I want to be like him. I think that is a chance to be like him.
  • Both my dog, Bella and my cat Mitzu, were once called Xena. 
  • I'm a fashion lover!! I have an account on Polyvore: http://virsescu-alexandra.polyvore.com/
  • My favourites fruits are: cherries, strawberries, watermelons, lemons and sour cherries.
  • I love tomatoes. When I was little I was going into my grandmother's garden and eat a tomato right there. Without being washed or cut. 
These are 12 Random Facts About Me! Hope you liked it! I'm waiting for your lovely comments in the comment area. Love you all!!

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